At times I wish that being a Pro Player didn't have to mean that you have to interact with your fans. Whether that be through Social Media/Streaming/Live events, I think it'd be nice to be a bit more disconnected like traditional stars/athletes. I'm sure it'd be a much different life with it's own stresses, but maybe it'd be less stressful.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not blind to all the love and support that we get as well. It's just that negative things always leave a bigger impact than positive things. So it's hard to remind yourself that for every one bad comment you get, there are two good ones that you also get. It is also almost impossible to disconnect yourself from the fans because our platform of fame is the internet it self. It's also important that we grow our social media brand and following, so that we may earn more money/pave a pathway to a better future. 

In the end, I am happy with my career and how lucky I am to be able to experience all the opportunities it has given me. I'm positive a lot of people would do anything to be in my shoes, so I'll do my best to keep my head held up high and help grow a better community as well.  I'm optimistic about the future of the community and the industry. No community will ever be perfect but I think we're headed in a good direction.