Community and Pro Players Pt 2

I'm seeing a lot of the same comments over and over, that are saying "it's expected to have haters, people being assholes and that this is how life is". 

Why is this acceptable behavior? I'm not expecting change to happen suddenly, but the mentality of "that's how life is" is an unideal mentality. I don't think hate will ever go away, however I do think we can lessen it and change what the hate is about. It takes effort from people in the spotlight to stand up and say that it's not ok to say racist/derogatory things. It also takes effort from the community to follow said example. Working together to help alleviate the unnecessary hate is something that we can do. I don't expect my post to suddenly change the community for the better but I would hope it brings attention to the topic at hand. Just informing people and having them understand that being racist/derogatory is a step in the right direction. 

This applies to more than just Pro Players, it affects content creators/game developers/streamers and even you guys. Someone says a hateful comment to someone else you like, therefore you return a hateful comment to the person who first said something. How does that make you any better than the first person? Even if someone is an asshole, being an asshole to them isn't going to fix their behavior. It's just a vicious cycle of people trying to be the good guy going about it the wrong way, and that's the sad part. People have good intentions but just don't know the proper way going about it. Generally speaking, spewing any vitriolic or malicious comments at someone is not the right way to go about solving a problem. 

Now, take a step back and think outside of the gaming community and how things such like this affect our daily world and lives. Racism? Check. Discrimination? Check. Sexism? Check. Literally everything is prevalent throughout the world and history, however what's different today than 300 years ago? We're more civilized, we're more educated and we have a better understanding of each other even through language barriers. I fully understand things take time to dissipate, and major social change takes a long time. Knowing that, I still do my best to avoid saying racist/derogatory/malicious remarks because it doesn't help. The people reading this can probably get away with calling someone anything they want, so why should they stop? Why would they stop, and how can we get them to stop? It's simple, we set a better example and help the social shift towards social equality. Everyone has a story that you and I don't understand, people have reasons for why they change or believe the way they do. It is not my place to hate someone for being raised to believe differently than I do. There are plenty of subjects that I can agree to disagree on in a respectable manner, I'm not here to tell everyone how to live their life. I just want people to be more empathetic towards others and do their best to try and understand others. There are still many things in this world that I'm ignorant of, but I'm doing my best to learn what I can about the worlds and others. 

I guess all I want is this world to be a little bit more empathetic towards one another and to have some patience before saying the first thing that comes to their mind.