End of the Season already?

Well, time sure flies by fast huh? We're done with the regular season and playoffs are on the horizon. What a roller coaster of a ride this season was, heh. Surprisingly, we did better this split than we did last split! We literally started 0-2, 10th place, literally at the bottom of the standings. Impressive to say the least? After a lot of effort and team meetings ,we've seem to come to a better understanding of how to improve and play like we're supposed to. It's been 9 weeks since the 0-2 start and now, here we are at 2nd place. So close to 1st but yet we weren't able to grasp it, however, with playoffs coming up we have a chance to claim back 1st and take back the title of best in NA. Which is actually a pretty prestigious title nowadays after the showing TSM had at IEM.

I'm not sure what else to talk about really, life is more or less the same regardless of how we're doing in the LCS since playing League is about all I do now. Since moving to NorCal I don't think I've hung out with a friend outside my teammate more than a handful of times which isn't a big deal but I'm a pretty social guy, so being reclusive and staying inside 24/7 isn't necessarily the most exciting thing for me. Granted, we had issues that we had to sort out before I had any time to think about relaxing/having fun. Even if we start playing our best, we still have to put in a ton of effort to keep improving to stay at the top and to topple other regions. So I guess this is similar to time management in college where you only had 3 choices of things to do; study, socialize or sleep. But instead of study, switch it to job and now you have my life and you don't really have a choice, you're more or less forced into play+sleep > socializing since this job takes up the majority of your day every day. At this point I'm kind of just pointless ranting and it's making it seem like I dislike my life but that's quite the opposite. It's just a pretty big change in pace of how I used to live. 

A bright side however is that I've been a lot less stressed recently than I have been in the beginning of the split. I think my mood has generally improved and I'm overall happier with how things are in life. Doing my best to keep it this way regardless of what obstacles appear before me. I guess I'm done ranting for now, my queue just popped, so maybe I'll return and edit this post or just make a new one later. Peace~