I think I need to post an extra one or two? Because I'm 1 or 2 behind my 1 a day effort starting from last week Tuesday.... so here's another random one!

New Year is coming up, I'm reigning it in with good friends and it'll be the first Christmas/New Years I spend without a SO since 2009! Can't say I enjoy it as much as I do with another but it's not like I haven't been through plenty of them! Good company is always a good replacement as well, so no biggie! For my plans I'm just heading to a casino with the squad so it should be fun anyway, time to lose some money :D.

Outside of that, I've been working out more recently with Bunny and I think I'm starting to get bigger/more toned? I weigh more now than I ever have and it's a pretty nice feeling to be honest, getting closer to my ideal weight goal! Maybe it'll be something I can achieve this upcoming year, that would be cool. 

What plans do you guys have for New Years?