My very first post!

Hihihi! Thanks for checking out my blog!

For the most part, I believe I'll just be talking about my life and what I do with my time. I'll try my best to make this interesting but it's mostly just for me,  hopefully you guys will find it entertaining or at least interesting.

If you guys ever have anything you want me to talk about in particular, or have questions about, try and send me a message or leave a comment! I'll see what I can do and if it's something I find intriguing, I'll look into it!

This weekend I'll be going to Blizzcon down in Anaheim! I'll try and make a vlog while I'm there and I hope to meet some of you guys there! I think I'll be able to wear normal clothing and not my C9 attire, which there is nothing wrong with it, it's just I like being fashionable if possible and wearing the same outfit every time I go out isn't that fun. So maybe it'll be a bit harder for you guys to find me haha, granted I do have a dangly earring and blue hair! That should help out a bit!

Moving onto something else, I should be starting a new book soon! Hopefully it'll be good, and if you guys are willing, you should read along with me! That way we can have things to talk about and you can be a part of my life, I'll let you know when I decide what book to choose and if you have recommendations, feel free to let me know. 

I think it's pretty important to have activities in your life that stimulate your brain and muscles. Since I don't go to school anymore, and most of my time is spent with young adults/kids playing a video game, I don't necessarily learn all that much/increase my vocabulary. So I'm doing my best to keep my brain sharp by reading and writing. For the physical aspect of my health, I've been going to the gym recently and I try to go 3 times a week. I'm not there to become some kind of buff macho monster dude, but just there to stay healthy and maybe put on a little weight! It doesn't hurt if I get a nice body either :p, but I just don't want another accident due to having poor health (lung collapse). It was a pretty big blow to me mentally and physically when that happened, so I'd like to try my best to avoid that in the future.

I think that's enough ranting for one post, I'll do my best to update this regularly and hope you guys stick around! 

Have a good weekend guys/girls, and take care!

-Hai :)