So I was talking to a friend earlier about how parents/environment can affect how a kid grows up. I'm under the belief that if there is the a good environment and good parents, the kid will likely turn out to be a morally right kid. Now, he might not be the perfect kid, he'd make mistakes and he definitely isn't just "nice". However, I think if the kid is raised right, then it's very unlikely that he will be racist/homophobic/misogynistic. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, nature+nurture go a FAR way in teaching a kid how to be "good". 

Maybe I'm just ignorant to how raising a kid works, since obviously I haven't raised one. Maybe I'm being conceited/stupid for thinking that I would be able to raise a kid that isn't  racist/homophobic/misogynistic. I don't want my kid to be perfect, nor do I expect him to be, but it's not too hard to raise them morally sound, right? As long as you yourself, are morally sound, it seems like it's something that would come naturally. Kids absorb everything around them, and if you aren't being a bad person, then generally speaking they'll learn right from wrong, right?

Although, even if you are a good parent, sometimes kids just become shitters with nothing you can do. Whether that's due to something in their brain or external influences via school/friends/media. 

Moving forward with "nature", I was also thinking on the other spectrum about how child soldiers/people without access to knowledge can become "evil". For example, people in North Korea are barred access to the outside world for the most part, right? So for someone who has been raised to be a certain way AND everyone around them was raised to be the same way, isn't it normal for them to think they are normal, and we are the weird ones? People don't like change, nor do they like things that are different from them. It's scary since it's not something they are familiar with, so for them, we're scary and to us, they're scary. Who is to blame though? I can't say I'm more "normal" them then, can I? Is that fair to say? For kids in Africa or the adults who are evil, if they are raised that way and have no access to the outside world, and their surroundings all think the same way. Maybe they think they're in the right and we're in the wrong? That could explain how they could do such atrocious things right? To us it's mind boggling how they have child soldiers, rape, kill others for no reason and basically have an entire different view of what's right and what's wrong. So don't get me wrong, I don't think what they are doing is okay at all, it's really terrible but I guess I can kind of understand why they do it? They are just lost and confused with what's right and wrong, due to the environment they were raised in. At least that's what I think, but maybe I'm wrong and they do know right from wrong, and they just choose to do wrong. However, I'd rather believe in humanity not being completely evil. It's kind of crazy how much environment can shape and grow a person eh?

Thanks for reading guys, sorry about the rant but it was something on my mind and I thought was interesting! If you have any comments, PLEASE feel free to chip in and say something! If I say anything that offends anyone by the way, let me know! I'm trying not to and hopefully I'm not, but you can never be certain.

Anyway, I'm not a perfect person nor do I want to be, so don't think that I think that of myself!

Take care though~ later!