Being Healthy/Holidays!

So this morning I went to the Chiropractor since I've been having lower back pain for about a year now. It got worse after my lung collapse too, so I figure it's something I should check out. It's nothing major, just a little curvature of the spine. The doctor said she could help it a lot and cracked my back/neck/shoulder in like 10 different ways today. I've been REALLLLY wanting to crack my back like the way she did it for a while now, and I'm happy that she did it since I didn't know how. Hopefully my back problems will go away after a while!

So I've finally been able to start working out regularly again after traveling for 2 months, and it feels pretty good to be able to relieve some stress and lift some weights! I'm not trying to get super buff or anything, but gaining some weight surely wouldn't hurt :p. Considering the fact that my lung collapsed because I am skinny, it'd probably be a great idea for me to gain some weight. Also if I get a super nice body.... that'd be pretty cool.... :D, but for the most part I just don't want any health issue to prevent me from playing again. Not being able to go to Allstars sucked a lot... I don't like watching my team play without me, it's like.... gut wrenching and frustrating.

By the way, I'm starting this book instead of Graceling! Sorry haha, but my friend bought this book and I wanted to read it together with her. Feel free to read along guys! It's suppose to be a very good book; dramatic, tear wrenching, exciting, and thrilling! Sounds good right?! So go buy it and let's read it :D

The holidays are coming up! Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I'm super excited! I don't really have any plans for either holiday at the moment, I have some options of things but I'm not entirely sure what to do yet. I very likely won't go home as our family doesn't really celebrate it and the majority of my family PROBABLY won't be there? I should probably find out if they are heading back or not. I guess I could just take a vacation honestly and go somewhere tropical! Maybe Hawaii/New Zealand/Australia/Bahamas, that sounds kind of fun honestly. Just myself and maybe a friend to go with me, sounds relaxing honestly!

What are you guys up to?